About Us

Consultants with 30 year experience
in  40 plus countries.

30 Plus years experience

Grave Aviation INC was founded in 2002.  Our consultants work globally with the leading companies in the industry. Our experienced staff have a knowledge of FAR/EASA regulations and requrements of business needs of clients.  We strive for excellence and our attention to detail and persistance assures the work is done correctly while providing you with quality unsurpassed in the industry. Safety receives our highest priority.


*  Technical background in all levels of Aircraft Maintenance

*  Experience in all aspects of Aircraft heavy maintenance

*  Knowledge of FAA/EASA requirements

*  Strong knowledge of all Aircraft Manuals; AM,IPC,SRM, etc.

*  Proven experience of maintenance practices

*  Excellent leadership and project management skills

*  40 plus Aircraft integrations and returns

*  Conducted maintenance training for United Airlines


*  Inspection All Types, All Aircraft

*  Pre-Purchase Inspection

*  Lease Returns and Deliveries

*  Manage All Maintenance Checks

*  New Aircraft



*  General Aviation

*  Commercial Aircraft

*  A&P

*  IA

*  R&E

*  PPL     Private Pilot License